Limo fires spur safety bills State lawmakers are proposing new safety requirements for limousines after two recent incidents in which Flower Girl Dresses UK limos in northern california caught fire. Sen.Ellen corbett, dsan leandro, has introduced legislation to require two doors and two emergency window exits in the rear of all limousines made after jan.1, 2015.Sen.Jerry hill, dsan mateo, has the homepage here written a separate bill that would require limousines to carry fire extinguishers. The san mateohayward bridge, which connects the two senators' districts, was the scene of a fatal limousine fire on may 4.A limo carrying nine nurses celebrating the impending wedding of neriza fojas burst into flames, and five of the passengers, including fojas, died as they tried to escape. Not far away, in walnut creek, an idling limousine started burning a week ago.The 10 women inside, some of them in their 90s, got out unharmed after noticing smoke. Corbett said her decision to pursue legislation stemmed Plus Size Wedding Dresses from the deadly fire in may. "What caught my eye was that the people were not able to escape because there was a fire in the rear of the vehicle where the exit door was,"She said. "I wanted to do whatever i could to make sure this tragedy never happens again. " Hill said the fires highlight the need for greater industry regulation.Limousines are produced in two stages, he said.First, a car company such as ford builds a standard sedan.Then another party"Stretches"The car by cutting the sedan in half and inserting a longer seating area. "There is no certification or inspection after(Stretching)Is done,"Hill said. "You could do it in your garage and then go out for hire. "Automakers, however, privately certify companies that adhere to certain standards when modifying their cars. In california, limousine companies need to obtain permits from the california public utilities commission, which requires that they be financially sound, maintain their vehicles and check the driving records of their employees.But only those vehicles permitted to carry 10 people or more, including the driver, receive inspections from the california highway patrol, said puc spokesman andrew kotch. Hill said there should be inspections for smaller vehicles as well.He said he likely will broaden his bill to add an inspection requirement but first wants to consult with the chp, which has not finished its investigations into the recent fires. "A life in a ninepassenger(Vehicle)Is just as valuable as a life in a 10passenger,"Hill said. The limousine that caught fire on may 4 was carrying 10 people, including the driver, but was licensed for nine.The limo involved in the most recent fire was licensed for eight people, including the driver, but carried 11. The senator said he also would like to see inspections of the flammability of seats in the stretched area.He and corbett both said limousines should have manual emergency exits in case an electrical lock hinders passengers from opening a vehicle's doors. Since the san mateohayward bridge fire, both corbett and hill gutted unrelated bills to introduce language addressing limousine safety, since senators cannot introduce new legislation after feb.22.Corbett's bill, sb 109, awaits consideration by the assembly transportation committee on monday.While no one has sponsored her bill yet, she said the california professional firefighters would testify in its behalf in committee. She added,"I'm very happy to work closely with(Hill)In this package of legislation to help improve limousine safety. "Corbett, however, said she would focus exclusively on emergency exits at this time, rather than fire extinguishers or inspections. Hill's bill, sb 338, is on the agenda for tuesday in the senate transportation and housing committee. An analysis by the staff of the senate committee suggested the legislature should hold off acting until the chp has concluded its investigation.Experts contacted by the bee agreed. "It's too soon to suggest any countermeasure that would work because i don't really know all the facts in the cases,"Said henry jasny, vice president of advocates for highway and auto safety, a lobbying group that includes insurance companies, consumer safety advocates and health organizations. Joan claybrook, president emeritus of consumer advocacy group public citizen and head of the national highway traffic safety administration under president jimmy carter, said the value of a fire extinguisher"Depends on whether or not it can deal with the kind of fire that occurs.Electrical fires are pretty hard to control.They're pretty quick. " She agreed, however, that"Twostage vehicles"Such as limousines lack oversight.For example, they are rarely crashtested, she said. "I would focus on having more severe inspections. The greater california livery association, an industry group, held a conference in sacramento in early june to discuss issues pressing to the industry, including limousine safety.About 75 members attended the event, according to one of the conference sponsors. "We as an industry will support anything that enhances the safety of vehicles,"Said rich azzolino, vice president of the association. Mother of the Bride Dresses Azzolino insisted, however, that limousines are safe. "That fire was an anomaly,"He said. "We do hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of rides a day, with thousands and thousands of vehicles. " The associated press, citing federal data, recently reported that 21 people died nationwide in three separate limousine accidents in 2011 and another five died from three limousine accidents in 2010.The report did not attribute the deaths to fire. According to the senate analysis, there are 12, 500 limousines permitted to operate in california. Mark ravera, owner of limousine club in sacramento since 1987, said 90 percent of the limousines on the road are lincoln town cars. "The lincoln town car is probably the pinnacle of the limousine industry,"He said. The car that caught fire in san mateo was a 1999 lincoln town car, and the walnut creek incident involved a 2009 model.Ravera and two other limo owners interviewed said they believed from news reports that the cause of each fire was different. Ravera and three other sacramentoarea limo owners interviewed said several of their customers have called with safety concerns since the fires, but business has not dropped.


Our government 13 episode 20 hoh We start out with the continuation of the hoh competition.The houseguests are competing in the all washed up tough fight.They are having to fill up a glass bowl with soap and the one that gets their ball out first, is the actual hoh.Obtained soap suds and water sprayed on them making it very slippery.The suds gets so bad at one time when jordan falls she is completely taught in soap and people can't even see her.Everyone has some funny moments as is also falling and sliding everywhere.Everyone goes into this competition realize if they don't win, their side it can up, so most trying. Daniele keeps telling kalia that she needs to grab the pace, that annoys kalia.Jeff leads all through their competitors, then rachel and porsche.Following hour dinam nike and a half, jeff finally is able to reach his ball and pull it from the glass bowl, helping to make him the new hoh. As soon as competition is over, it doesn't take long before all the side discussions start.Rachel is hoping that jeff and jordan continues with their alliance, even though they fought before brendon went home.Daniele hopes that the fake deal she made with their organization will stick, whereas she made it in the 11th hour of her hoh.She had no aim of sticking to the deal.Quite a hour before the talk, she was evaluating porsche and kalia, that regardless which one of them won hoh the next week, then they had to put up jeff and jordan.She only made the deal because she was trying to cover her bases for if jeff or jordan won the following day.They caught onto her when jeff asked her who she thought utilised together put up, if one specialists won hoh, and daniele exclaimed shelly and adam.They caught on that they are both in the alliance with jeff and jordan, and it is going to only help daniele out and keep her three person alliance safe.Daniele thought she did a great job scheming to make the fake deal, but she ruined it all at that time. Very easy take long for the rachel bashing to begin.Shelly, kalia and daniele start as soon as their competitors is over.Now i am not a rachel fan, but shelly is completely obsessive about rachel.She has developed into"Propose girl"And bashes her at each moment.I know they will not show much of it on cbs because she hits really low below the belt.It's annoying to watch because rachel is really trying not receiving into it with anyone, but shelly is taunting her throughout the day, i had been shelly fan but i'm not anymore.I can't wait for an day rachel finally unleashes the crazy rachel on her. Jeff gets his hoh room and everyone enjoys seeing all years into the future.It doesn't take a long time before people start to leave, and rachel ends up being was any one there.Not much game talk is being conducted, but it pisses shelly off that rachel is still available online for, so she has to go and attempt to start a fight with rachel.Rachel does a really good job of holding her tongue when shelly complains about rachel covering her behind her back.It's comical since most of the talking behind someones back is done by shelly. There is not really have not competition this week, so jeff gets to pick three players and get them to have nots.They get to eat what our great country voted on.And that is jalapeos and hard boiled eggs.This is actually easy for him, because daniele and porsche are the only two people in your home who have never been have nots and he throws in kalia, in addition all best friends.Incredibly ideal job, jason.Porsche may seem to take dinam air jordan it well, but daniele quickly goes and lays down and gripes about how bad her body reacts to being on slop.Goodness me daniele, i think every one's body reacts that way, merely don't complain about it night and day. Kalia talks to jeff and tries fully understand if she is going up or not.He a ton of money tell her much, other then she undoubtedly in the pot.Kalia tries to throw rachel in the bus, hoping screwed up and try put her up.Jeff catches on to her doing it and it makes him question her somewhat more.Jeff reminds her your dog warned her, preceding she put him up, that she'd become his target. Porsche tries to chat game to jeff, specifically comical.Jeff teases her about it being the first game talk they support had and it's day 49.She tells him she wants to stay so she can compete in Air Jordan 9 For Sale more competitive events.States she won't put him up if he doesn't put her out.He tells her that you should play now they are at the final 8. Jeff and daniele talk and he tells her she is good making use of their deal.States she figured she was.He asks her what she'd do if she won the veto and she says, it will be better if she didn't win because kalia would want her to take her down.So she acts like she just isn't win it, but anyone who knows daniele knows she could not throw a veto.Jeff wants to be sure daniele feels safe, because he doesn't want her to cause trouble inside your. The particular nomination ceremony jeff nominates kalia and porsche.He tells porsche that he wants her to prove that she has came to gamble.He reminds kalia of what he shared with her two weeks ago, he says it is time for her to feel what he felt and for her to win and take herself Kobe Shoes off the block.


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Four teenagers face armed robbery charges in ocoee Four teenagers face armed robbery charges in ocoee Home e edition digital memberships holiday hq lottery mobile obits traffic el sentinel send a news tip contact us local breaking obituaries crime politics orange seminole lake osceola winter park college park clermont weather radar get email alerts hurricane hq hurricane guide hurricane blog orange seminole lake osceola volusia marine sports magic lions knights gators seminoles canes varsity recruiting solar bears golf nascar fan shop scores business personal finance florida obamacare technology find a job real estate disney frugal force blog o nomics service events restaurants bars clubs music arts theater movies movie times tv celebrity horoscope comics fun games life schools lottery food/recipes home/garden religion moms at work shopping pool guide pets celebrations health vital signs breast cancer awareness medicare guide obamacare travel explore florida vacation deals cruises attractions daily disney beach bike trails golf springs news opinion editorials letters to the editor other views ticked off!Columnists our blogs videos theme parks viral videos news videos orlando magic videos sports videos fun videos political videos classified home delivery place an ad jobs cars real estate public notices subscribe e edition home delivery digital memberships place an ad jobs cars real estate public notices Mega cheapest price millions tim witherspoon 'christmas in florida' search subject matter business listings x Include several of these words:Include all of these words:Consist this exact phrase:Banish:Select a time frame this week past 30 days past 3 months past year Create a custom time Buy Cheap Pandora Bracelets frame from:That can: Researchers said chavez rangel and two of the teenagers on march 19 followed a drunk driver home who had cut them off earlier on the roadway. "The thinks agreed the drunk driver was an easy target, the be reporting shows. Ocoee police arrested three of the teens after spotting chavez rangel taken from a convenience store on silver star road.Officers said they saw one of the teens inside the car toss a baggie of marijuana out of of the question.

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Crime ranking out of Links Of London: touch with current data Crime Pandora Bracelets ranking out of touch with current data Maclean magazine bases its choices on the 2010 crime severity index, a method that assigns different weight to types of crime.The weight given to a type of crime is correlated to the weight of a sentence handed by the courts.But, it is obvious the most serious crime would be murder, which carries a computerized life sentence, the heaviest sentence that can cause handed down.With prince george having recorded 7 homicides yr after, that meant its crime severity index would have been high from the weight carried by each of those homicides.The ranking comes at a time when prince george has seen some significant progress in working with its most serious issues.A long way in 2011, there were no homicides, and high assaults have been reduced by about one third of what they had been last year.There are also reductions in other areas of crime as noted below:From 2010, prince george had a total crime severity index of 177.Communities, prince george may have ranked 16th.Maclean magazine only examines those communities with a number of 10, 000 or further.Are you though, mayor shari green says being labelled the most dangerous community in the country makes it more challenging in the field of recruiting new businesses and people to prince george.A challenge for us as a community and it comes down to ourselves, our own voters need to feel safe in prince george, and they told me they concerned and they know its involved in the drug and gang activity in prince george.An average joe in prince george who is not participating in that high risk lifestyle, i feel, feels relatively safe on their own, but certainly they already know this stuff is going on in their community and they don like it.Which means that, within our own community we need to make certain that we got confidence in the police and the hard work they are doing, as well as 2011 stats show that.So we need to tell that story to the outside world and to make certain all our partners tourism prince george, attempts prince george, and our business community and everyone workers?So hard to make prince george a better place, in fact our two ministers(Showcase ministers bell and bond)We all know what the real story is about living in prince george and we need to ensure we continue to tell it.When agreeing to being labelled the most dangerous community in canada, superintendent eric stubbs says it is a label he doesn like for diverse reasons, because i the authorities chief in this community.Two, i live in the neighborhood and three, it's also, i don accept is as true true, i don believe we are the biggest community in canada.Years in the past, when he had been on the air, arsenio hall announced the highest b rate per 1000 people in canada and america was in prince george british columbia. (In which that is he stated)When you have gang bangers in local gyms wearing flack jackets in the afternoon there may well be an issue here.Now our new mayor has to pay back all the particular business that put up big money for her election.Sherri green said yesterday we do not own money for more police.I guess not when she has to line the pockets that bought her election.In the spotlight!We got a ku klux klan fame.I'm sure she refused to retract her baseless remark(Manufactured in parliament)And even claimed that she had a letter from the mayor attesting to the truth of the issue!Undoubtedly, the letter story was baseless at the same, because she did not produce proof of obtaining it.Then i am sure we will fall in the ranking's.


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Socialites sue kindy for almost half a million over Beautiful blondeabouttown michelle heinemann and her investmentbanker hubby, jon, have sued the school for $415, 000 plus damages for allegedly conspiring to rig a fundraising auction and then sticking them with a $50, 000 bill for their"Winning bid. " Trouble was, the dashing couple whose son, hudson cornelius heinemann, attended the school had said they would bid only Sheath Wedding Dresses $3, 000, tops. The heinemanns are so appalled by the school behavior that they pulled hudson out and are now demanding compensation for all of the attending costs including $20, 000 tuition to a new school, forfeited class fees for his little sister, and hudson $60, 000ayear chauffeur, whose job they want to save. Little hudson cornelius was already an unhappy kindergartner before this incident, according homepage to a lawsuit filed recently in manhattan supreme court. When he wasn residing with mummy, daddy and little sister hyacinth cornelia in their fifth avenue apartment or in their waterfront manses in dutchess county and kennebunkport, maine young master hudson was getting chauffeured to the upper west side private school, where tuition runs $39, 000 a year. "Plaintiff son was consistently left out of school exhibits and films.And was made to go Party Dresses UK Sale last at nearly everything,"The lawsuit states. "On one occasion, plaintiffs 5yearold son was relegated to the role of 'doorholder and ordered to hold the door for all of the other students. " School administrators, including principal marsha nelson, agreed to speak to the boy teachers, and on that assurance the heinemanns gave the place another chance and made a couple more goodwill donations including to the march 1 school fundraiser charity auction, the suit alleges. The heinemanns donated $6, 000 worth of"Designer clothing items to the auction, and michelle a"Renowned artist"Whose paintings have been shown internationally worked with hudson class Beach Wedding Dresses to create a sellable work of art. The painting consists of the tracedandcutout paper hands of hudson and his 17 classmates, all painted and affixed to paper, along with each child written answer to the question, do you feel when you are around art? " Told that such paintings typically sell at school fundraisers for $500 to $1, 200, the heinemanns said they couldn attend themselves but would be happy to place the winning bid up to $3, 000, the suit says. But the school director of advancement had a firstgrade teacher named bryant drive the bid up to outrageous sum of $50, 000, the suit alleges. "The heinemanns tried to settle this matter without a lawsuit, but the cathedral had no interest in taking responsibility for their actions,"Said family spokesman r.Couri hay.


Austin calling his own shots in Air Jordan 7 For Sale the twilight series of career Honolulu austin didn't reach the pga tour until he was 30, in support of then after a decade of playing mini tours, being a bank teller and even stocking shelves in a drug store.At least he gets to engage in his terms.After more than two years of loss of full status, the49 year old austin appeared Out of nowhere in mississippi last summer and won the sanderson farms shining.That got him back up in kapalua, which meant society to him. "Especially when you are abOut to turn50 and have status, he was quoted saying.Austin tx turns50 in three weeks, though he has no plans to play on the champions tour excluding any major he gets in.Kapalua only agreed to be a start.Austin is most longing for the courses he was kept from playing when he lost his card hill, hilton scalp, colonial, memorial service. "I don't plan on being a kind of half guys, he said of dividing time on two tours. "If i aren't getting in the fedex cup(Playoffs)And also have six weeks off, then i'll go play some on the champs tour.But i would like to play Out here, austin lost his card in 2010 when he missed four cuts in his last seven events and killed at no.129 on the profits list.He got into only 18 tournaments one year later on conditional status, and only seven events in 2012 as a past champ. "I bumped the flag over.Consequently me.That maybe what i do.This game now is just a putting contest.That's exactly all it is.Technology has had everyone into a small bowl, austin said he was most unfulfilled that in his two years needing some help, he received only one sponsor different.The greenbrier classic found room for him missed the cut two weeks before winning austin said he can't ever miss the tournament again.He is exempt along with end of the 2014 15 season.Duke won the ben hogan award for remaining active in golf despite a physical ailment severe illness.He was informed they have scoliosis in the seventh grade and had a 16 inch rod attached to his spine.Duke toiled for 10 years in the minor leagues before he went to the pga tour, and then 10 years later won the first time at the travelers championship.Duke expressed he was"Weighed down, specifically to win an award linked to hogan. "A category act, likely the best to ever play the game, he was quoted saying.Open safe bet and ryder cup hero at wales, once said abOut the media that affairs should grow stronger the longer a player is on tour.He'ssupport that up his talk, in this case won the asap sports jim murray award for being helpful to the media. "Enjoy, i take my intimate loving broken working love with the media very seriously, mcdowell known. "You know, i'm pretty honest to a fault in certain cases.All of you give us exposure globally.You're a vital cog in the whole golf sports i respect how much work you guys do and it's important bad or ugly give you an idea of what's going on in my head and with my game, glenn was honored from the william d.Richardson award for consistent and Outstanding efforts to golf.Golf acquaintance.Glenn spent47 years at the usga and was a prominent figure at the women's finals.She also the first female sportscaster to work full time at a national network when she began transmission at espn in 1981. "While the award is for Outstanding donations to golf, i'm very conscious of, most importantly, the game has made such an excellent contribution to my life, she reported.They'll be honored april 9 at the annual gwaa awards dinner in augusta, ga.Caddie period of time:Somebody in charge of since colonial in 2011, adam scott can have a new caddie on the bag this week at the sony open.Not at all, steve williams is not all set to retire. "He'sworn-Out.They're old, scott reported of williams, who turned50 this morning. "One week in a row is sufficient, williams called it the beginning of his semi retirement.He has talked about cutting down his schedule in the next year or two, though it would seem peculiar to come all the way up to hawaii just for one week.The caddie failed to point out that the new zealand super saloon championship is next week, followed by the new zealand saloon competition. "He'schomping at the bit to enjoy a go, scott stated that. "He's-Earned it.I'll your pet drive one week, as long as he returns, that will not be until the honda classic.The actual sony open, the masters champion will certainly have a friend on the bag.Globally 100:Golf digest has enlarged its"Biggest 100"List in adding courses worldwide, only that did not change anything at the top.Pine valley stated the no.1 ranking in the first"World 100 perfect courses"List that appears in the february issues that make up print next week.The magazine had the top three courses typically(Pine vly, cypress reason, augusta nationalized), With Royal County Down in north Ireland at No.4.Shinnecock mountain tops was at no.5.Course review panel, from panelists that work with golf digest's27 essential editions and other selected golfers.Forty courses from the top 100 were inside. Golf Digest said America has46 percent of all the golf courses.Rounding out tips for sites 10 were royal dornoch in scotland, street.Andrews, muirfield, royal victoria and oakmont.For the islands, divots:One fan of the dallas cowboys had reasons beyond football to feel badly for qb tony romo's back surgery on dec.27.Jordan spieth has to get a new partner for the at pebble beach national pro am.Amateur safe bet kelly kraft.Former pga champion rich beem is newest to have a weekly show on siriusxm.Each saturday.Chesson hadley has signed with meeting place sports management, producing the first american client with pga tour status to sign with chubby chandler's group.Inflation stat each week:In his first more information 24 gets started as a pro, phil mickelson won six times(The particular masters)And attained $2, 626, 115.In his first 24 gets started as a pro, jordan spieth won the john deere legendary and has earned $4, 634820.Complete word: "All of us are there.We all feel exactly the identical pressure.We all want to win that starting, snedeker on newcomers winning 15 of the last 20 majors. 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