Crime ranking out of Links Of London: touch with current data Crime Pandora Bracelets ranking out of touch with current data Maclean magazine bases its choices on the 2010 crime severity index, a method that assigns different weight to types of crime.The weight given to a type of crime is correlated to the weight of a sentence handed by the courts.But, it is obvious the most serious crime would be murder, which carries a computerized life sentence, the heaviest sentence that can cause handed down.With prince george having recorded 7 homicides yr after, that meant its crime severity index would have been high from the weight carried by each of those homicides.The ranking comes at a time when prince george has seen some significant progress in working with its most serious issues.A long way in 2011, there were no homicides, and high assaults have been reduced by about one third of what they had been last year.There are also reductions in other areas of crime as noted below:From 2010, prince george had a total crime severity index of 177.Communities, prince george may have ranked 16th.Maclean magazine only examines those communities with a number of 10, 000 or further.Are you though, mayor shari green says being labelled the most dangerous community in the country makes it more challenging in the field of recruiting new businesses and people to prince george.A challenge for us as a community and it comes down to ourselves, our own voters need to feel safe in prince george, and they told me they concerned and they know its involved in the drug and gang activity in prince george.An average joe in prince george who is not participating in that high risk lifestyle, i feel, feels relatively safe on their own, but certainly they already know this stuff is going on in their community and they don like it.Which means that, within our own community we need to make certain that we got confidence in the police and the hard work they are doing, as well as 2011 stats show that.So we need to tell that story to the outside world and to make certain all our partners tourism prince george, attempts prince george, and our business community and everyone workers?So hard to make prince george a better place, in fact our two ministers(Showcase ministers bell and bond)We all know what the real story is about living in prince george and we need to ensure we continue to tell it.When agreeing to being labelled the most dangerous community in canada, superintendent eric stubbs says it is a label he doesn like for diverse reasons, because i the authorities chief in this community.Two, i live in the neighborhood and three, it's also, i don accept is as true true, i don believe we are the biggest community in canada.Years in the past, when he had been on the air, arsenio hall announced the highest b rate per 1000 people in canada and america was in prince george british columbia. (In which that is he stated)When you have gang bangers in local gyms wearing flack jackets in the afternoon there may well be an issue here.Now our new mayor has to pay back all the particular business that put up big money for her election.Sherri green said yesterday we do not own money for more police.I guess not when she has to line the pockets that bought her election.In the spotlight!We got a ku klux klan fame.I'm sure she refused to retract her baseless remark(Manufactured in parliament)And even claimed that she had a letter from the mayor attesting to the truth of the issue!Undoubtedly, the letter story was baseless at the same, because she did not produce proof of obtaining it.Then i am sure we will fall in the ranking's.