Our government 13 episode 20 hoh We start out with the continuation of the hoh competition.The houseguests are competing in the all washed up tough fight.They are having to fill up a glass bowl with soap and the one that gets their ball out first, is the actual hoh.Obtained soap suds and water sprayed on them making it very slippery.The suds gets so bad at one time when jordan falls she is completely taught in soap and people can't even see her.Everyone has some funny moments as is also falling and sliding everywhere.Everyone goes into this competition realize if they don't win, their side it can up, so most trying. Daniele keeps telling kalia that she needs to grab the pace, that annoys kalia.Jeff leads all through their competitors, then rachel and porsche.Following hour dinam nike and a half, jeff finally is able to reach his ball and pull it from the glass bowl, helping to make him the new hoh. As soon as competition is over, it doesn't take long before all the side discussions start.Rachel is hoping that jeff and jordan continues with their alliance, even though they fought before brendon went home.Daniele hopes that the fake deal she made with their organization will stick, whereas she made it in the 11th hour of her hoh.She had no aim of sticking to the deal.Quite a hour before the talk, she was evaluating porsche and kalia, that regardless which one of them won hoh the next week, then they had to put up jeff and jordan.She only made the deal because she was trying to cover her bases for if jeff or jordan won the following day.They caught onto her when jeff asked her who she thought utilised together put up, if one specialists won hoh, and daniele exclaimed shelly and adam.They caught on that they are both in the alliance with jeff and jordan, and it is going to only help daniele out and keep her three person alliance safe.Daniele thought she did a great job scheming to make the fake deal, but she ruined it all at that time. Very easy take long for the rachel bashing to begin.Shelly, kalia and daniele start as soon as their competitors is over.Now i am not a rachel fan, but shelly is completely obsessive about rachel.She has developed into"Propose girl"And bashes her at each moment.I know they will not show much of it on cbs because she hits really low below the belt.It's annoying to watch because rachel is really trying not receiving into it with anyone, but shelly is taunting her throughout the day, i had been shelly fan but i'm not anymore.I can't wait for an day rachel finally unleashes the crazy rachel on her. Jeff gets his hoh room and everyone enjoys seeing all years into the future.It doesn't take a long time before people start to leave, and rachel ends up being was any one there.Not much game talk is being conducted, but it pisses shelly off that rachel is still available online for, so she has to go and attempt to start a fight with rachel.Rachel does a really good job of holding her tongue when shelly complains about rachel covering her behind her back.It's comical since most of the talking behind someones back is done by shelly. There is not really have not competition this week, so jeff gets to pick three players and get them to have nots.They get to eat what our great country voted on.And that is jalapeos and hard boiled eggs.This is actually easy for him, because daniele and porsche are the only two people in your home who have never been have nots and he throws in kalia, in addition all best friends.Incredibly ideal job, jason.Porsche may seem to take dinam air jordan it well, but daniele quickly goes and lays down and gripes about how bad her body reacts to being on slop.Goodness me daniele, i think every one's body reacts that way, merely don't complain about it night and day. Kalia talks to jeff and tries fully understand if she is going up or not.He a ton of money tell her much, other then she undoubtedly in the pot.Kalia tries to throw rachel in the bus, hoping screwed up and try put her up.Jeff catches on to her doing it and it makes him question her somewhat more.Jeff reminds her your dog warned her, preceding she put him up, that she'd become his target. Porsche tries to chat game to jeff, specifically comical.Jeff teases her about it being the first game talk they support had and it's day 49.She tells him she wants to stay so she can compete in Air Jordan 9 For Sale more competitive events.States she won't put him up if he doesn't put her out.He tells her that you should play now they are at the final 8. Jeff and daniele talk and he tells her she is good making use of their deal.States she figured she was.He asks her what she'd do if she won the veto and she says, it will be better if she didn't win because kalia would want her to take her down.So she acts like she just isn't win it, but anyone who knows daniele knows she could not throw a veto.Jeff wants to be sure daniele feels safe, because he doesn't want her to cause trouble inside your. The particular nomination ceremony jeff nominates kalia and porsche.He tells porsche that he wants her to prove that she has came to gamble.He reminds kalia of what he shared with her two weeks ago, he says it is time for her to feel what he felt and for her to win and take herself Kobe Shoes off the block.